How to prepare a scene for food photography

I know that prepare a scene for food photography could be difficult sometimes, specially when we don't have all those beautiful props and backgrounds.

I don't know you, but my kitchen's utensils are not beautiful or matching. Actually, everything in my kitchen is quite broken and scratchy (real life, right?). So, if this is what happens in your home too, I want to show how we can build a small scenery using only cups and plates that you have at home, because we all have plates and cups at home.

I decided to go monochrome, using a white backdrop and white props. I could say that I choose white to make my piece of cake stand up in the picture, but I have to be honest and I went white because it is what I have at home.

I started placing the biggest itens on the back, and them the smaller ones. This difference of sizes are good and add some balance and movement to my picture.

I also create some layers by using more than one plate.

I hope that simple scheme could show you that we don't need a lot of things to do food photography. Believe, the simple things are good.

Be creative!

See you soon.

Marielen - Pixel of Sugar

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