DIY - Food Photography Backdrop

DIY food photography backdrop!


We, food photographers, are obsessed by backdrops, right?

Particularly, I really like DIY projects and I am always looking for promising materials that could be used for a new backdrop.

Who can blame me? It's impossible to resist to an easy and cheap DIY project.

This backdrop is my new favorite project and I only spent QR25 on it (less than 7 dollars). Maybe you are going to spend a little more if you have to buy the paint, but still not an expensive project.

So, let's jump into the DIY!


Ikea doormat


Furniture paint

First you have to sand the doormat, not too much, just enough to remove the original painting.

Apply the paint and let it dry a little bit (2 minutes), then you can brush it creating some textures. Wait to dry for 24 hours before use it.

It's super simple, right? Tag @pixelofsugar on Instagram if you do it, a want to see your creations.

Be creative!

Marielen - Pixel of sugar

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