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Atualizado: 9 de Jul de 2020

Brigadeiro probably is the famous Brazilian sweet.

Brigadeiro is easy and quick to make, trust me, I’ve been cooking this dessert for more than 20 years. You can make it with only three simple ingredients.


- Condensed milk

- Butter

- Chocolate powder

Mix one can of condensed milk, one spoon of butter and three spoons of chocolate powder.

I prefer my brigadeiro very "chocolaty", so usually, I put an extra spoon of chocolate powder.

Cook it in a sauce pan until you “find” the pan. That means you can see the brigadeiro more consistent.

Put in a plate and wait it to gets cooler, some time inside the refrigerator are welcome.

You can make small balls and cover them with sprinkles, chocolate powder, coconut…at home we can not wait for this rolling process, usually we eat in a spoon!


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